Violence is a common word to define Venezuela, in 2015 this country was called the most dangerous place in the world. In many cases, criminal bands thiev, kidnap and extortion people. As any country in crisis, people fight for survive but also try to make their lives as good as they can. 

Caracas has only one place where climbers can do their sport on the nature, in The Cuevas del Indio National Park, for more than 40 years, climbers of all ages has climbed those walls with much confidence in theirselves and the surrounding area. Since 2015, thefts has increasing notoriusly in numbers and the scale of violence inside the park. Climbers had asking to authorities to help them to preserve the park as a place to stay and promote peace trhough sports. As the request weren't heard, climbers decide to go togheter and climb massively in protest and try to make atention of the government, to climb the violence.

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