Pueblo Llano is 800 Km from Caracas, Venezuela’s capital. This little town in Los Andes is the main potato and carrot producer in the country, however, despite the successful business with multinational food corporations, Pueblo Llano has to deal with deep social issues which are connected to each other, child labour and high suicide rates.

Their main job is to plant and care for the crops of potatoes and carrots using several toxic pesticides, most of them prohibited by international laws. The landlord provide them a precarious home, food and a 1$ daily salary. At harvest time, they make money depending on how many bags (of 70 Kg) can fill and bring from steep mountains.

Town isolation and the extreme competition between farmers makes this town a place for avarice, most of the children aged 9 to 13 years old leave the school to start working in the fields, dreaming about making tons of money, however, short harvest, love stories, or simply by honor, they take their own lives as the easiest way to escape from their problems.

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